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Removing negative energies, implants, energetic parasites, hexes, curses, 

black magic, sexual implants in our energetic bodies

¡It's new! !It's real!

Platinum Healing Session

By Luis Bdm, Energetic Healer 

What is the Platinum Healing Session?

The Platinum Healing Session is a therapy created and designed by Luis Betanzos during the last years of practice as an energetic healer. Thanks to the contribution of hundreds of people in different parts of the world, during their own personal sessions, this therapy was created to help remove negative structures attached in the physical bodies in forms of negative energies. During the sessions it was identified that in most of the cases, disease is the result of the non-resolved emotional past in the personal and familiar stories. The Platinum Healing Session is designed to work at the level of the structure of the multidimensional fields to remove negative energies attached to the body in the form of parasites and implants, that are blocking the evolution path and the awakening of humans in the Planet. 

When a person is enduring a process of disease either physical or emotional, especially during this ascension cycle that we are starting as human race from 2012 and beyond, a lot of times we are not aware that our physical bodies are going through very intense and profound processes of transformation, which means that our physical bodies are mutating from a carbon base to the plasma christic  liquid light base. As human beings we were born with big amounts of negative energies and ancestral miasma, that we have the responsibility to clear in this lifetime in order to finish with the reincarnation cycles in this planet. This transformation process requires that our physical bodies are cleared of all the negative forms that we have accumulated and were superimposed in this lifetime and in our previous incarnations in different timelines. 

A lot of the negative forms that exist in the astral plane in our physical bodies, have the form of energetic parasites, mind control implants, sexual implants, black magic, hexes, curses, ancestral miasma and many others that limit our consciousness and our awakening. Any of these forms have manifested previously in the energetic planes, and any disease, no matter which name this can have, always starts in the astral planes with the invasion of our bodies by courtesy of external superimposed forces with the purpose of blocking our awakening and create servitude to the negative forces that are running our planet today. This is the drama of the human race: living in planet where people don't know is run by external negative forces that control the human emotions in order to have human population living in chaos, suffering, pain and disconnection. 


When someone starts their spiritual awakening, will soon realize that is necessary to remember their purpose and mission in life so the person can start a healing and purification process for the emotional and physical body, that in most of the cases can only be triggered through an specific disease, where the person starts assessing their personal and ancestral history in the search for healing and releasing the past. 


The Platinum Healing works with the subtle energetic bodies where the energetic architecture of the person can be read to know their purpose and mission in life together with the kind of lessons that we agreed to go through in order to access the spiritual initiations in this period of ascension. Part of this work requires removing many of the negative energies that are attached in our bodies such as energetic ticks that can be attached in any part of the body, but are specifically located in the zone of the head and in the sexual areas. The platinum light energy, through the "Celestine Fire" helps greatly to remove these energies, that when are accumulated in big amounts at a time, can be understood as a "depossession" or "exorcism". 

How does it work?

About Negative Energies and Implants

Even though it is very hard to believe for many people, the alien implants, black magic, curses, hexes and many negative forms are a reality, and many people don't even know. Unfortunately, this is the way the world moves nowadays; it is the way politics, religion, markets and the power elites move. With the current ascension cycle in which we are right now, it will be easier to remove and eliminate from our bodies, all the negative forms that we inherited from our parents and ancestors at birth, the forms we created during our life and the ones that were superimposed by others without our consent. 

What is an implant?


"The implants are etheric inorganic structures used in specific areas of the planet designed to give instructions to the Central Nervous System of the body, to release life force energy and body parts and give them to the dark forces to steal and control energy in the human population". 


The implants are used to program or hijack our personal bio-computers that are our bodies. The implants have a negative impact in health, emotional states and the ability to access our higher consciousness.  


The genetic blueprint and family history have also an influence in the kind of implants that we receive from the dark forces networks. There is a complete list of negative implants identified going from inherited implants, sexual implants, polarity reversal implants, crucifixion implants etc. Those implants are also replicated in the planetary body. 

Implant's profile:


"As Lisa Renee mentions, an implant acts as a tick that burrows during addictive states in the lower zones of the astral body, especially in the 2nd chackra and in the instinctive responses function of the Nervous Central System (CNS). If the addiction evolves as severe with the time, it burrows more deeply in the body matrix. A false web is created at the level of the CNS and starts spreading until the whole body is infected, ending at the spinal cord and the person will have a main implant located in the zone of the head and neck. Once the implant is fully integrated in the addiction, the person will start experiencing change in humor until becoming bipolar". 


"This zone of the head is the atomic doorway of the 9o chakra, where the light of the inner spirit reflects outside the eyes. This light dies in the eyes after the implant takes control of the body. The implant is then inserted in the reptilian brain that is placed in the structure of the brainstem through the medula oblongata. This is the way that implants function, they stimulate the CNS with artificial stimulus to control the nerves. Due to the fact that neurons control the flow of neurotransmisors in the brain, the muscular contractions control the responses of anger, rage, anxiety, addiction (abuse or violence). This is the way the holographic insertions of projected images can be controlled for the human perception. This is the way to control the masses". 




¿How do I know if I have implants?


Every human being incarnated in this planet that has not completed the spiritual initiations, has implants. It is like a condition to live in this planet. Every human being that starts the awakening process, has the opportunity to identify their implants by clearing the emotional causes that have them placed in their field and remove them completely from the body. The most common way to receive implants is through sexual intercourse as a result of promiscuous attitudes and one night stands where people is more open to be implanted as a courtesy of the dark forces. The Platinum Healing Session helps to identify and remove those implants.

¿What kind of conditions can I treat?


The Platinum Healing Session works on every aspect of the human consciousness related to emotional, ancestral, mental, and physical level including health and disease conditions.  


With this healing we can treat the following conditions: 

Chronic- Degenerative Deseases:

Maybe this is the most common cause for people to look for healing both physically and emotionally. The Platinum Healing works at the level of the physical, energetic and mental body to rebalance the meridians and the axiatonal lines to re-establish the flow of energy and at the same time, to remove the implants or mental patterns that energetically and subconsciously are creating an specific disease. Patients with Cancer and Diabetis or any type of chronic- degenerative disease receives a lot of help in the process of healing the physical body. 


Sexual Abuse:

The Platinum Healing Session is also designed to treat people that have suffered from Sexual Abuse either in childhood or adulthood. This modality consist in removing the negative energies and imprints left inside the sexual organs and the physical body that are creating trauma, miasma, addiction and victim/victimizer patterns.



To liberate women from the pain and guilt and to release the karma at the moment she decided voluntarily to abort. This doesn't necessarily mean that abortion is something bad, but it means to remove the negative imprints left at the level of the physical body in the form of miasma and to make the appropriate transit for the non-born being through the Mother's Aquaportal. Every women that had a story of abortion in her life, needs to do the correct transit of this energy. 


Cord cutting of Sexual Energies and removal of Sexual Implants:

The most common form of being implanted is through sexual intercourse, specifically when the person recognizes that has been involved in unhealthy sexual practices or promiscuity and when the person recognizes that has had a lot of sexual partners without being conscious of the love act that it requieres. The person needs to do a clearing and a cord cutting of sexual energies in order to free and release the energies of the previous sexual partners and their implants. When the implants are not removed, their negative energy remains in the body attached to the field of the person for many years compromising the healthy development of the person and creating more unhealthy relationships. 


Black Magic:

Another big issue to work is the issue of the Black Magic and Witchcraft. A lot of people know intuitively when they have been superimposed or attacked with this kind of negative forms created by the desire of someone. Black Magic starts simply when someone spreads rumours about you, or this can be created through very sophisticated rituals including Satanic and blood sacrifice rituals, that when the person is not aware of the importance of energetic shielding, all these negative forms leave a very negative imprint on the field of the person that at the end leads to disease. The Platinum Healing helps in removing these negative forms through the process of real depossessions. 

Generational Curses:

Generational Curses happen when in the family lines exist a very explicit pattern of chaos, poverty, accidents, or traumatic facts that the family recognizes that repeat over generations by any member of the family line and this is because in the past, due to the non-resolved stories of the ancestors, or the mistakes or practices they were involved, the negative imprints are repeated in the heart of the family Constellation.  


Relationships cord cutting and Healing of the Broken Heart:

Another common theme to treat is when a love relationship comes to an end, or partners or marriages break up and there a very strong bonds between them as a result of vows, pacts and agreements, it is very common that any of the parts suffer for long periods or even lifetimes. Also when someone falls in love with someone that is not corresponded and the feeling of rejection stays for long periods of time, people get fracture and lead to a very negative addictive patters without being able to get over this and keep repeating the same stories over and over. It is until the person understands that unfortunately human relationships are manipulated by dark forces and perform a cord cutting and do some healing work to repair the broken heart, that the person will be able to move into healthier relationships out side the Victim/Victimizer Software promoted by dark entities. The Platinum Healing helps to reconstruct the broken heart and helps in retrieving the soul fragments of the person.  


Safe Passage for disincarnated people though the Mother's Aquaportal:

This modality consist in helping people that recently left their bodies or are about to disincarnate, to guide the soul of the person to leave the astral planes and not to stay there to avoid the tunnel of light and the false ascension matrix and relocate them into the consciousness corridors. During this session, the soul of the person is assisted and guided to go through the Mother's Aquaportal where they are sent with love and respect. 

Assistance for Abductees:

Many people on the Earth now also recognizes and have memories of abduction either physical or astral. When people or the family lines of the people have abduction records, they have for sure some kind of pacts and attachments to the dark forces in charge of the abduction scenarios, where they experiment on the body of the abductee and perform a lot of implantation and bonding acts with other abductees. The Platinum Healing helps in removing the cords, the implants, and the negative trauma left in the memory of the person. 



Opening of roads and abundance in general:

One of the main focus of the Platinum Healing that most people request is the opening of roads and abundance. Many times in this modality, we are able to identify the ancestral causes that are creating energetic blockages, but also we work for the person to receive their life mission and do the necessary changes to align their pathway to the ascending timeline for the planet in a positive way. 

A lot of times, depending on the needs of the person, it is common to see different cases where the person needs to go through a depossession process which in the past was known as "Exorcism", but this is indeed an specific work where the person is helped to release the negative entities that are attached in the body. As a result of the interaction of the platinum light with the body of the person, sometimes the client doesn't feel anything, but sometimes the entities will resist to leave, and the body will start performing involuntary movements. When this happens, the person is assisted to perform the evictions with authorty, so the depossession can happen and the trapped entities can leave the body. Some times the process can be exhausting and very tiring. When the person is ready to let go, the process is always easier. The depossession work is something real!

How is this session different? How do I know if I should go for this session?


I believe the decision of taking the Platinum Healing therapy lies on the resonance that the people feel with this  information and this energy. People need to feel guided to do it from the heart.


If someone ask me, why this therapy is different and why this works, it is because somehow in my story I had the chance to go through many healing techniques and schools of knowledge from the most important healers in the world and I realized through my participation on Energetic Synthesis and with the knowledge that Lisa Renee is providing, that at this point in life, there are no techniques. It is the ability of the healer to embody the platinum light in the body that makes the difference. This healing is my personal way, which I try to construct every day, it is something that you need to cultivate all the time, it is something that requieres discipline, purification, profound love for your Mother and faith. A lot of people now can give very positive testimonies of this therapy in Mexico and other parts. The magic and the miracles are there, waiting to be collapsed by the sincere intention of the heart

About the exorcisms and depossessions

Details of the Therapy

The Platimun Healing Session lasts at least 1 hour aproximately, depending on the issues that the person needs to address. Every new client starts always with an initial assessment including personal history and goals for the session. Once we discuss the goals, the person goes to the table, where the person lays down comfortably and relaxes. Once the sessions starts, a lot of information can be retrieved from the soul, that sometimes is very useful to know how to best address the specific situation that they are trying to heal. This process is called: reading of the energetic arquitecture of the person. If it is requiered, the procedure includes working on the physical body for the deposessions. At the end of the therapy we do a feedback and discuss the findings and achievements. It is always a blessing.

How many sessions I need to take to see a change and a new level of healing and balance?

Of course every person is different, and every person is an specific case depending on what they need to treat. I always tell my patients, that there are no forms or rules. I am an advocate of not having my clients returning again and again, that would mean to attach my clients to me, and this is not sane at all. The energy works by itself and it is intelligent. Once the energy starts interacting with the person, it stays there, cleaning for many days. My ideal way of work is to do 3 sessions in order to see a new level of balance in the energetic field. When it is a issue of big possessions, it takes more time to remove the negative energies.


For me, it is also important to make clear that my role as healer is only to guide people, so they can produce the healing by themselves. It means that at the end, it is not me doing the healing, I become a channel. It is the intelligence of the spirit that produces the healing, due to their true intentions to heal and remove their negative energies. If I would do the work for them, I would take away the person the possibility of taking responsibility of their own acts and stories. My role as a healer is to help people to become conscious of the non-resolved issues in their life and the negative energies that are working in the body. With this understanding, the healing process means that only the negative energies that are ready to leave the body will be able to leave. The remainings, will be able to leave at the time the client sorts out the stories that are keeping them in place. Every thing is a process of conciousness, recognition, love, forgiveness and disattachment. 

¿How to request a session?


For personal healing in Mexico or remote session in any part of the world, please contact me via e mail through the contact form, or through facebook to request date and costs.

Platinum Healing Remote Sessions

The Platinum Healing can also be made remote, and normally it is conducted through Skype or by telephone if it is required when the person can not come personally or lives in another country. In my personal experience, I always prefer doing the sessions personally, because we can create a better connection and the energy is transmitted in person, but when this is not possible we can do it remotely. It is also very powerful.

For more information, I recommend the following readings



Luis BdM

Originally from Mexico, young healer and counselor. Has studied spiritual growth and holistic healing during the last years in different parts of the world. 


Has participated in the Flower of life teachings and Merkaba, has a big influence on the Yoga Kundalini Teachings. Luis has also studied Shamanic Healing with master plants in the Amazonia, Ayurvedic Medicine and Healing Massage. 


Worked in France, Mexico, Argentina and Chile during the last years with different healing modalities. He has created a series of healing workshops including Multidimensional Healing, Family Constellations, Healing of the Inner Child, Healing the Sexual Energies and Platinum Light. He has been working recently in removing negative energies on people in the form of ET Implants as an etheric surgeon including sexual implants, curses, hexes, black magic in the form of exorcisms and depossessions and clients have experienced immediate healings as well as an acceleration on their spiritual awakening at all levels. 


He is member of the Energetic Synthesis Community and recently gave up all the previous schools of teachings mentioned above, to dedicate his work to provide personal therapy with the Platinum Healing to help people to awake from the deception of this world and the spiritual world created to deceive people. He is working to anchor christic frequencies on people and in the Earth Grids. 

Healing is a process of consciousness, recognition, love, forgiveness and disattachment

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